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10 February 2015

It's Safer Internet Day! Hooray!

You may not know what Safer Internet Day is, you may not have known it was going to happen, you may not know why it matters to you, so here's a little Romance Academy Summary:

Safer Internet Day is a global initiative, led each year by Insafe, as part of their mission to help make the internet a safer, more positive place for children and young people. Part of that is about bringing companies in the technology industry onboard to consider what they can do to make that possible, part of that is about sparking conversation with children and young people around the issues, and part of that is about better equipping parents to raise children and young people who navigate the internet well.

We've had a scour on the internet for some of the best resources released for you this year. Here's a few of our favourites!

If you're on twitter, why not have a look at the #SID2015 hashtag to see what conversations are going on and what else is out there!

We hope these are useful to you today. We believe the internet can be a great place for young people to learn, develop and create. Let's work together to help young people have a great online experience.

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