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How we support Romance Academy

We got married on New Years Eve 2015. There was champagne, a live jazz band and confetti cannons exploding at midnight - spectacular! As part of our wedding we supported two organisations: Romance Academy and Macmillan. 

We had two boxes painted in gold glitter where guests could make donations. From then on, we pledged to give finanically to both organisations each month. Here's why we choose to support Romance Academy, and why you should too. 

They talk about more than just sex. 
We both had cringeworthy and less than adequate sex education at school. It's all well and good to discuss safe sex; show young people how to put a condom on a fake penis (or carrot as it was in one of our schools!) and discuss what contraceptions are available, remembering 'the only safe sex, is no sex!' We love Romance Academy because they focus on far more than the mechanics of sex. They encourage young people to think about what a healthy relationship can look like; challening misconeptions and giving adolescents confidence that they can experience positive relationships. We need more of this in our culture and we want young people to learn how to experience healthy relationships, not just safe sex. 

1 in 3 10 year olds have seen porn. 
I, Liz, went to a school in London as part of the Romance Academy team to deliver an assembly on pornography. We introduced the topic and asked the year group to discuss in pairs what they thought about porn; its positives and negatives. As I walked around joining in different conversations I ended up sitting with a group of girls. One girl looked me in the eye and said that on her 10th birthday her brother had shown her pornography on his phone. She said she was affected by it and didn't like the images that were put it in her memory. I was able to sit with her and talk through that experience she no longer wanted imprinted on her adolsecent mind. Because of the work of Romance Academy I was able to intervene and shine a different light on her brothers view point of porn. As a team we were able to educate the year group in the things porn doesn't tell you about. 

Their work goes far beyond adolescents. 
Through the work of their roadshows Romance Academy are reaching parents, carers, guardians, youth workers, church leaders and more! Their teacher training days equip staff to know how best to handle incidents like sexting and how appropriately to discuss sex and relationships with students. Training days that anyone can sign on to with Youthscape are equiping others with up to date relevant knowledge that can empower them to start disarming the power of pornography and how to promote healthy relationships. 

There is more than one way to give... 
It doesn't just have to be financially. When we couldn't financially afford to give each month to Romance Academy last year we decided to give our time and skills instead. So Liz ended up working with Jason and the rest of the Romance Academy team in the general admin, editing material and much more. This made a huge difference and you can make a difference too.  

We have seen first hand the difference Romance Academy is making to the lives of young people and we want to equip them to do more; create new resources, train youth workers, run academies. Romance Academy only exists because people give generously, and like us we encourage you to give too. 

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