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25 September 2015

It’s flashback time. . .

What do you remember about the first ever sex education lesson you were taught at school? Perhaps you remember the feelings of awkwardness, embarrassment and classroom sniggers that a teacher used the words ‘vagina’ and ‘penis’? Or maybe you’ve blanked out the memory because it was so hideous. For me, it was being split into two classrooms; one for boys and one for girls. Without going into too much detail the result was a flickering video for us girls and a carrot and condom for the boys.

A new programme exploring sex education first aired on Channel 4 recently. ‘Sex In Class’ is a one off show hosted by Geodele Leikens who believes that sex education in our schools is hopelessly out of date. Within the show, she visits different schools and homes of British children discussing how important it is to talk about feelings, relationships and sex with our adolescents and how we should begin these conversations much earlier, starting at home. She argues for a GCSE to be created in sex education that all students take and an overall change to discussing these topics within our prudish British culture.

Geodele Leikens is a Belgian sexologist, author of The Vagina Book, The Sex Bible and Her Penis Book, and a UN goodwill ambassador for sexual health. Leiken believes that all children should get a qualification in sex education and ultimately wants to change the way British schools tackle this meaty subject. Overall, it can confidently be said that she has a frank approach!

Leikens states that Britain is bottom of the class when it comes to sex. She reminds those watching the programme that our young people are learning about sex not through the awkward sex education lessons at schools, but through porn. Pornography is a topic that we need to discuss more. Overall, is this really what we want our young people to learn sex from?

One of the key points within the programme is her strong belief that sex education should start at home. How does that make you feel? Sick with anxiety at the thought of discussing this topic with your teen or jumping off the ceiling that someone else agrees that you have a vital role in the development of sex ed for your child? No matter where you are on the scale, we want to help. Coming along to one of our Roadshows – ‘Lets Talk About Sex’ or ‘Lets Talk About Porn’ – could be a helpful way to get the conversation started, meet others in a similar position and answer those burning questions you might have. 

So what next? 

How about watching the show on 4 On Demand and having a chat with your partner/friends about the show – what are your initial reactions? Is this something you agree with or disagree with? How do you feel about your child(s) being taught more explicitly about sex and relationships? 

The producer of ‘Sex In Class’ has been reported saying that there might be a series of this show coming, so let’s watch this space and see....

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